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Julia Berg, LPC


Life can be complex and ever changing bringing us moments that impact our human experience. These human experiences can be anywhere between being joyful, beautiful, challenging, mediocre, and overwhelming. Counseling is a unique process that can help you find meaning within these experiences and give you a space where your story is heard. As a trauma-informed counselor, I work to create a safe and affirming atmosphere where clients feel understood and fully accepted for who they are. I believe that an authentic and empathic therapeutic relationship is one of the most crucial attributes to healing and growth. I strive to promote resiliency and empowerment within my clients by providing them with psychoeducation, teaching healthy coping skills, reflecting on client insights, and most importantly, meeting my clients where they are at on their walk of life. 

I earned a Master of Science in Education in Counseling degree from Northern Illinois University and obtained a Master’s Level professional certification in Trauma-Informed Counseling. I have spent a good amount of my career working with sexual assault/abuse survivors and their significant others. I have also had experience working with individual, couples, and group counseling with ages ten and older. Some client experiences that I have worked with include complex trauma, PTSD, sexual assault, domestic violence, addiction, attachment style, relationships, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, personality disorders, and body image issues. 

I use a trauma-informed, holistic approach to therapy while utilizing techniques from many theories to meet my clients’ unique counseling needs. I work collaboratively with each client to develop goals that will promote their healing and desired growth. With both my clinical and educational experiences, I believe in the power of the mind-body experience using meditation and mindfulness to aid in self-regulation. I am inclusive to clients of all different backgrounds including age, race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and religious views and am sex-positive therapist.


“What is most personal is most universal”-Carl R. Rogers 

You are not alone, and you are worthy of living the life you desire.

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