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Melissa Decal

Wellness Practitioner

There is a saying that goes… Sana, Sana. Sana means to heal and Sana also means to manifest our biggest dreams, wishes, and heartfelt desires.

It has always been my biggest wish to positively impact the world around me.  Ever since I was a little girl I can remember having deep connections with individuals.  I come from a long line of healers, which I believe has been innately passed down to me.  I am a healer at heart and a big believer that we can manifest our deepest desires.

For the past two decades I have worked extensively as a healer in a multitude of settings including: working in the medical field, volunteering in a children’s hospital, worked alongside holistic doctors, and most recently helped successfully launch holistic wellness programs utilized in corporate businesses.

I attended my undergraduate studies at Indiana University and completed my bachelors in psychology from the University of Illinois in Chicago. I have been blessed with the most amazing opportunities to share healing with thousands of individuals. I am grateful to have had the privilege to pause the past couple of years to raise my two beautiful children.

It is an honor to expand the gift of healing with you at Sana Wellness Center.  Thank you for trusting in me to be witness to your personal growth transformation through Reiki, Meditations, and Wellness-Practitioner Consulting.

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